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Exotic Micro Bullies is a family-owned dog kennel providing top-quality, exotic Pocket Bullies located in South Florida and the Caribbean. We are dedicated to delivering premier and outstanding exotic Pocket Bully Breeds. Our dogs are raised, nurtured and trained in a loving home that cultivates proper socialization and temperament for any family. Our Pocket Bullies are all health tested, inspected and certified with ABKC registration and include paperwork along with all current shots and vaccinations. Microchip dog trackers are also available upon request with each dog that we sell.

We breed in small custom batches to ensure our dog litters grow up strong, are properly trained, fed, nurtured, professionally handled and given the maximum individual attention necessary to provide you with a very loving and well-behaved dog. We pride ourselves on our champion dogs by ensuring our puppies are breed from the absolute best of the best! Click here to learn more about our Venom bloodline breeds of Bullies.

We are here to deliver all breeds of exotic dogs like Pocket Bullies, Frenchies, Bulldogs and Cane Corso breeds to name just a few. Contact us for more info on all dogs we sell.

We look forward to providing you with a well-behaved, loving and exotically bred dog!

“ It’s a doggy dog world “

– Earl & James